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Yuan Bao Online Slot By CQ9

by: EdwardB


Yuan Bao, a creation of CQ9Gaming at HOLABET, presents a 5-reel, 8-payline slot adventure adorned with a captivating Chinese theme. While it may seem like another slot machine capitalizing on Eastern imagery and melodies, Yuan Bao online slot boasts unique elements that set it apart. The game focuses on free spins and multipliers, offering exciting win potential at the best online slot in Singapore. However, it’s important to note both sides of the coin:


  • Free Spins: Unlock free spins for extended play and increased winning opportunities.
  • Multipliers: Benefit from multipliers on ingots to boost your payouts.
  • Nice Design: Immerse yourself in the visually appealing Chinese-inspired aesthetics.


  • Empty Reel Spaces: The reels contain blank spaces, which might not appeal to all players.
  • One Symbol: The game features only one type of symbol (gold ingots), potentially limiting visual variety.

Gameplay Mechanics: Where Simplicity Meets Fortune

Yuan Bao online slot takes a minimalist approach with its symbols. Forget about the usual array of diverse icons; here, the golden ingot reigns supreme. These ingots, however, come in various forms, each bearing a multiplier value ranging from 1 to 100, or the enticing “Free Games” label.

Wins are achieved by landing 3 or more ingots on any of the 8 paylines, regardless of their multiplier values. The game adds the multipliers together and then multiplies the sum by your bet level to determine your prize.

For those who prefer to test the waters before diving in, Yuan Bao is available for free play at Slots Temple, amongst a vast collection of other demo slots.

Theme & Story: A Journey to Imperial China

Yuan Bao online slot theme, while familiar, is executed with finesse. The backdrop showcases a vibrant tapestry of flowers, lanterns, and celebratory fireworks, all bathed in auspicious red and gold hues. The reels themselves are elegantly framed, further emphasizing the gleaming gold ingots that spin within.

The title “Yuan Bao” refers to the ingot currency used during Imperial China, adding a touch of historical depth to the game. The accompanying traditional Chinese music enhances the immersive experience, transporting players to a realm of ancient prosperity.

Game Statistics: Unraveling the Mystery

Unfortunately, precise information regarding Yuan Bao’s RTP (Return to Player) and variance remains undisclosed. Players will need to rely on their own experience and intuition to gauge the game’s payout potential and risk level.

How to Play: A Golden Path to Riches

Playing Yuan Bao is a straightforward affair:

  1. Locate the function buttons to the right of the reels.
  2. Adjust your total bet using the plus/minus buttons, ranging from 0.80 to 2000.00.
  3. Click the small “+” symbol on the Spin button to access autoplay and turbo spin settings.
  4. Activate automated spins or increase reel speed with the turbo function.
  5. Hit the Spin button and watch the golden reels come alive.

Betting & Winnings: Aiming for the Jackpot

With a minimum bet of 0.80 and a maximum bet of 2000.00, Yuan Bao caters to a wide range of players. The ultimate prize comes from landing 5 ingots with a 100 multiplier, resulting in a win of 500 times your bet level.

Bonus Features: Where Fortune Favors the Bold

Free Spins

Landing 3 or more “Free Games” symbols triggers the coveted free spins feature, initially awarding 3 free spins and a payout of 2x your total bet. These triggering symbols remain sticky throughout the feature. As new ingots land, they lock in place and award their respective multiplier values multiplied by your bet level.

Filling all reel positions with ingots during the feature grants a special Bonus Amount. Additionally, each new “Free Games” symbol that appears awards an extra free spin, with a maximum of 15 free spins possible.


Yuan Bao online slot at HOLABET168 a trusted online betting site in Singapore may not boast a plethora of bonus features or complex mechanics, but it offers a uniquely engaging experience. The single symbol with diverse multipliers, coupled with the rewarding free spins feature, creates an engaging and potentially lucrative gameplay loop.

While the presence of blank spaces on the reels might deter some players, it also contributes to the game’s distinctive character. Overall, Yuan Bao is a solid choice for players seeking a straightforward yet captivating best online slot in Singapore adventure with a touch of Chinese charm. Register Now!