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Understanding Live Dealer Studios in Online Casinos

by: EdwardB


Hello again, everyone! We hope that you are been enjoying our recent articles in online live casinos. If you’ve been following closely, you’re likely well-versed in the world of live online casinos by now such as Holabet168. Today, let’s explore deeper into the behind the scenes operations that make these online live dealer studios in online casinos tick.

Today’s focus is on live dealer studios. You might be wondering what exactly these studios are and who uses them. Well, let’s uncover the mystery and explore the purpose of these live dealer studios.

Live Dealer Studios

Let’s start by defining what a live dealer studio is. Essentially, a live dealer studio serves as the heart and foundation of every online live casino site worldwide, not just in Singapore. Its primary function is to facilitate live-streamed games on the site. Equipped with the latest gaming gear, set equipment, and poker essentials, this studio is the physical location where live dealer games are conducted.

In simpler terms, any live gambling game you see and play on the casino site originates from this studio. Now, let’s break down some key aspects of these live dealer studios.

State Of The Art Facilities

Picture a miniature casino tucked away in a small house or apartment. This is the live dealer studio. It features essential live dealer casino games equipment, such as Baccarat, roulette, and Blackjack tables. But that’s just the gambling equipment there’s also advanced streaming equipment that adds realism to the experience. The studio has at least two shooting staff and a banker playing cards. This means that the lighting, the Wi-Fi, and the streaming speed need to be as good as possible to make the gaming experience as good as possible for customers.


Licensing One of the most important aspects of a live dealer studio is licensing. Not only does the online site need to be licensed, but a live dealer studio also needs to have the proper paperwork in order to operate. Licensing gives the studio the right to hold live dealer games in a certain territory. This is very important, especially in countries like Singapore, where there are strict rules and regulations. You can adjust the authorization if you need to move the studio, which is very helpful. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to renew the authorization as soon as possible. A lapse in the authorization could result in a full investigation from the commission or their representatives.

Lounge Area

Finally, there’s the lounge area, where dealers and employees can take a break without being too close to their equipment. This area allows dealers and employees to relax when games aren’t in play or when they’re switching dealers. Providing this space ensures that employees are well-cared for and able to perform at their best on the job.


The bottom line is that the live dealer studio plays a crucial role in how players interact with online sites such as Holabet casino. If your studio isn’t up to scratch, the consequences will be felt by the players on the other end of the screen. Online gambling service providers who want to host live games would do well to invest in a top of the line live dealer studio.