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The Euro 2024 qualifier clash between Belgium and Sweden was abruptly halted

by: EdwardB


During half-time due to a tragic incident in Brussels just before the game’s kick-off. Two individuals lost their lives in the shooting incident, prompting the authorities to suspend the match.

Midway through the match, with the score deadlocked at 1-1, a pivotal decision was taken to suspend the game temporarily. Fans were advised to stay within the secured boundaries of King Baudouin Stadium until they received security clearance. Subsequently, UEFA issued an official statement declaring the match abandoned. In their official statement, they conveyed, “In light of a suspected terrorist occurrence in Brussels this evening, subsequent to discussions with both teams and local law enforcement, it has been resolved that the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden is hereby canceled.” Further updates will be communicated in due time.”

king baudouin stadium

Within the stadium, a heartfelt exhibition of unity unfolded as fans from both teams joined their voices in chants of “All together, All together,” and passionately rallied with shouts of “Sweden, Sweden!” They stayed until midnight, departing the stadium in groups after enduring a significant delay. In the midst of it all, the individual responsible for the tragic incident remained at large, eluding capture.

The shooting transpired approximately 45 minutes before the scheduled start, and it occurred approximately three miles (5km) from the stadium. While the connection between the victims and the match attendance remains unclear, reports indicated that they were attired in Swedish football jerseys.

In the aftermath of the incident, Sweden’s coach, Janne Andersson, revealed that they received information about the situation during half-time and reached a unanimous decision to abstain from continuing the match. Victor Lindelof, a defender representing both Manchester United and Sweden, commented, “We deliberated with the team and our Belgian counterparts regarding the remaining course of the match. The consensus was not to resume play. Ensuring the safety of the supporters remains our utmost priority.”

Belgium’s National Crisis Centre elevated the terror alert in Brussels to its highest level, with federal prosecutors reporting that the attacker had claimed allegiance to the Islamic State. However, there was no immediate connection established between this incident and the ongoing situation in Israel and Palestine.

Belgium’s Prime Minister, Alexandre de Croo, extended his condolences to Sweden, recognizing that the two victims held Swedish citizenship. In a message shared on social media, he wrote, “I have just conveyed my heartfelt sympathies to @SwedishPM in the wake of tonight’s tragic assault on Swedish citizens in Brussels. We extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends who have lost their dear ones. As close allies, the battle against terrorism is one we share.”

The Swedish Football Association shared a message of solidarity, urging everyone to “Keep calm and take care of each other,” with their thoughts extending to those affected in Brussels. The Belgian national FA likewise expressed their sympathy, stating, “Our thoughts are with all those affected.”

In the wake of the incident, the terror threat level in Belgium soared to its maximum, inducing a state of shock in the city. A man, reportedly armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, entered a building at around 7:15 PM and fatally shot two people, with at least one more injured. The perpetrator remains at large, and law enforcement is actively pursuing him. These events have prompted increased security measures, including tightened border controls in neighboring France.

Unverified videos circulating on social media suggest that the assailant claimed allegiance to the Islamic State and specifically declared that he had targeted Swedish individuals.