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Mastering Thai Fish Prawn Crab: Your Ultimate Guide to Success

by: EdwardB


Experience the thrill of playing Thai Fish Prawn Crab, a captivating online casino game, on trusted betting sites Singapore such as Holabet. This game not only offers the potential for claiming free credit bonuses but also promises substantial payouts. To win this game, you must understand the rules of the best online fishing games as well. This will help you maximize your winnings in the popular online dice game at the casino.

Understanding the Thai Fish Prawn Crab Game:

Before diving into the Thai Fish Prawn Crab game room, let’s explore the fundamentals of this thrilling dice game. This online fishing game is a simple yet engaging online betting game played with three special dice. Your objective is to predict the outcome of these three dice in the game room by placing your wagers.

The dice used in this game feature different icons, each representing a betting option. Your task is to place your bets on the icons, hoping to match the outcome of the three dice with the icon you’ve wagered on. You can also make side bets to predict different outcomes and make the game more exciting. Sign up for Holabet now to create an account and play the Thai Fish Prawn Crab game. You’ll get to enjoy this exciting game firsthand.

Mastering Thai Fish Prawn Crab Game Rules and Betting Options:

To truly excel in the Thai Fish Prawn Crab gameplay, it’s essential to understand the rules and various betting options in the game room. Fortunately, this game is straightforward once you grasp its concept and the available betting choices.

The game is easy: bet on an icon or option, then wait for the croupier to show the dice results. The outcomes will determine the round’s winner, and payouts will be distributed accordingly.

The icons and table collectively represent the betting options, which include fish, prawn, crab, chicken, gourd, and a stag. While you can wager on one or more icons, the payout will vary as follows:

  1. Single: If the icon you wagered on appears on only one of the three dice, you’ll receive a payout equal to twice your betting stake.
  2. Double: Betting on an icon that appears on two out of the three dice will result in a payout of 3.5 times your betting stake.
  3. Triple: Betting on an icon that appears on all three dice will yield a generous payout of six times your betting stake.
  4. Any Triple: This special side betting option allows you to wager on the outcome of all three dice being the same, regardless of the symbol. A successful wager on this option will reward you with a remarkable payout of 34.80 times your betting stake.

Navigating Thai Fish Prawn Crab Betting Gameplay

Now that you’re familiar with the Thai Fish Prawn Crab game rules and the betting options at your disposal, let’s delve into how the gameplay unfolds. Similar to most online casino games, This fishing shooting gameplay is remarkably straightforward. Your task is to place a bet on an icon on the table before the betting timer expires and await the dealer to reveal the results.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to playing Thai Fish Prawn Crab

  1.  As a new betting round begins, select your preferred betting stake and click the corresponding option on the table.
  2. The croupier will unveil the outcome of the three dice once the betting timer concludes.
  3. If your bet is successful, the payout corresponding to how many times your chosen icon appears will be added directly to your account wallet. In the event of a loss, your betting stake will be deducted from your account wallet.

Where to Play Thai Fish Prawn Crab Online

Now that you’re well-versed in the intricacies of Thai Fish Prawn Crab, you’re probably wondering where you can enjoy this exciting game. Look no further than Holabet, one of the most esteemed online betting sites in Singapore, offering the best online fishing game in Singapore dice game room.

Why Holabet’s Fishing Game Is a Top Choice

Let’s explore the reasons behind the popularity of the Holabet Thai Fish Prawn Crab game among online gamblers. Holabet has a variety of great gaming products.

  1. Flexible Bankroll: You can set your own bankroll to play the game, with betting stakes starting as low as RM1. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy the game without risking a significant portion of your bankroll.
  2. The Thai Fish Prawn Crab game room has smooth gameplay that keeps players engaged and excited. The pace is just right for an enjoyable experience.
  3. This game is simple and fun, with easy strategies and chances to win.


Now that you know the rules of the online fishing game, you can play it on Holabet. If you want to learn how to play the online fishing dice game, visit the official Holabet trusted online betting site Singapore. They have detailed rules and tutorials to help you understand and win this exciting game. Join Register now and take your first step toward becoming a Thai Fish Prawn Crab master. Good luck and happy gaming!