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South Korea Serious Approach to Singapore in World Cup Qualifier, According to Coach Jurgen Klinsmann

by: EdwardB


In the forthcoming Group C World Cup qualifying match at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, South Korea Serious Approach to Singapore, an international football heavyweight ranked 24th globally and third in Asia, is set to face Singapore, a team positioned at 155th globally and 31st in Asia. Despite the apparent David-versus-Goliath scenario, South Korea’s coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, is keen to emphasize the meticulous approach his team is adopting in preparation for this seemingly one-sided encounter.

The Formidable Taegeuk Warriors: A Football Powerhouse

South Korea, with a rich football history, played in the last 10 World Cups, reaching the Qatar edition’s round of 16. Led by Tottenham captain Son Heung-min, they benefit from a substantial home advantage, backed by a 66,000-strong crowd.

Scouting in Singapore: Klinsmann’s Hands-On Preparations

Klinsmann and assistant Cha Du-ri undertook a strategic trip to Singapore for meticulous preparation. They observed the Asian Champions League game between Lion City Sailors and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, analyzing Jeonbuk’s South Korean players and evaluating the strengths of the Singapore national team.

The Coach’s Caution: No Room for Underestimation

Despite the evident disparity in rankings and South Korea’s historical dominance over Singapore in their last competitive encounters in 1989, Klinsmann remains cautious. Refusing to predict a lopsided scoreline, he emphasizes that the primary goal for his team is simply to win the game. Klinsmann asserts, “We are the favourites, but the game starts 0-0. And then anything can happen.”

Son Heung-min’s Confirmation: Every Game Matters

Son Heung-min echoes his coach’s sentiment, emphasizing that they approach the game with the same seriousness as any other match. He emphasizes, Every match presents its own challenges, and we approach tomorrow’s game with the same level of seriousness as any other match we’ll ever participate in.

Drawing Lessons from Vietnam: Acknowledging the Underdog’s Bite

Klinsmann draws attention to South Korea’s recent friendly against Vietnam in October, where they secured a resounding 6-0 victory. Despite the scoreline, he points out that Vietnam had opportunities to score, reinforcing the need for his team to take Singapore “very, very seriously” and with “a lot of respect.”

Acknowledging Singapore’s Strength: Expecting a Tough Challenge

Expressing respect for the Singaporean team, Klinsmann acknowledges their quality players and their tactical acumen. Anticipating a challenging encounter, he emphasizes, “We will not underestimate the Singapore team at all. They possess skilled players who understand the game, and we anticipate a challenging match.”

Klinsmann’s Revitalized Squad: Europe-Based Powerhouses Ready for Action

After a shaky start, Klinsmann led the Taegeuk Warriors to three straight friendly wins. For upcoming qualifiers, he formed a strong lineup with 11 Europe-based players, including stars like Lee Kang-in and Kim Min-jae, showcasing South Korea’s serious approach to the World Cup.

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