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Shark Hunter: Exploring the Depths of Underwater Thrills

by: EdwardB


Embark on an aquatic adventure with Shark Hunter an exhilarating best online fish shooting game developed by You Lian. This online fishing shooting game in Singapore promises an engaging experience for players of all ages, offering a seamless mobile gaming adventure filled with underwater missions and thrilling challenges. Let’s explore the deep blue sea and discover the captivating world of Shark Hunter.

Membership and Benefits

Applying for Shark Hunter membership provides access to a gaming experience featuring a white shark theme. The appeal lies in substantial prize money, generous bonuses, and the opportunity to pursue significant rewards with boss fish. Boasting over 30 fish species, each with distinct payouts, players can focus on precision in aiming and shooting for unlimited prizes. A user-friendly interface characterizes this Singapore online casino game, ensuring an accessible and consistently entertaining experience for its players.

Shark Hunter transforms into an underwater treasure hunt, enabling players to optimize profits through diverse techniques. The stable system, complemented by the distinctive graphics of You Lian style and an engaging soundtrack, ensures an immersive experience. Further benefits from HOLABET168, such as free credits and unlimited ammunition, enhance the rewarding journey as players delve deeper into the game.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Shark Hunter is designed for both novices and seasoned players. With the option to play with 1-4 people per room players can choose their preferred playing level from three rooms. Each room has a varying betting rate. Each player is equipped with a unique gun style, and within the gun, credits can be adjusted up and down as desired. The objective is simple: aim, shoot, and earn prize money based on the type of fish caught.

Types of Fish Shooting Guns

Shark Hunter introduces a variety of fish shooting guns, each with its own unique characteristics.

  • Normal Gun: This default gun fires one shot at a time and allows for the adjustment of credits as needed.
  • Double Gun: Twice as powerful as the normal gun, it shoots faster, and shooting a dead fish results in double the reward.
  • Violent Guns: These guns boast the most destructive power, capable of shooting in a wide area.
  • Ice Gun: Designed for shooting, freezing, and slowing fish, enhancing accuracy for subsequent shots.
  • Free Gun: This gun increases the chance of making amends when a shot is missed, providing free bullets and an opportunity to win more prizes.


Shark Hunter on the trusted online betting site Singapore showcases You Lian Gaming creativity. Explore oceans, meet diverse fish, enjoy entertainment, and win big. Simple gameplay with bonuses makes Shark Hunter a must-try underwater adventure. Register Now!