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Embark on a Regal Fishing Adventure with “Royal Fishing” by Jili

by: EdwardB


“Royal Fishing,” brought to you by Jili, is not your ordinary fish shooting game. In this fun fishing world, players can win rewards in many different ways. This game has many prizes and special events just for fans of fish shooting. The events are updated and improved every month to keep players interested and happy. This game is very popular in Singapore and can be found on Holabet, a trusted online betting site. 

Diverse Game Room Modes

“Royal Fishing” offers four distinct game room modes, each with its unique characteristics:

  • Ecstasy Room: Bet limits range from $0.1 to $10.
  • King’s Room: Bet limits range from $1 to $80.
  • Qianlong Room: Bet limits range from $10 to $100.

Target Lock Function

One of the game’s standout features is the Target Lock function. This allows players to select specific fish they wish to eliminate, enhancing their chances of success. We target and fire upon the chosen fish until we catch them or they swim out of reach.

Auto Mode

The Auto Mode provides the convenience of automated fish shooting game. In this mode, players can select the number of fish they want to shoot and choose from various types of guns. The game will randomly shoot the selected fish, offering a seamless gaming experience.

Rewards and Prizes

“Royal Fishing” offers an array of rewards and prizes to keep players engaged and motivated:

Play Cashback Fish Shooting and win up to $50,000 in the “Royal Fishing” game.

Cashback Reward: There are three levels of treasure chests – Copper, Silver, and Gold – with the potential to win prize money ranging from 1 to 2,500 units.

Weekly Cashback: Players can receive weekly rewards based on their betting activity in the game.

Special Fish and Unique Features

“Royal Fishing” introduces a host of special fish and unique features to keep players entertained and engaged:

  • Drill Bit Lobster: Shoot a drill that passes through fish, causing a self-explosion and the chance to catch fish in the blast radius.
  • Thunderbolt Lobster gives 15 seconds of free play. It switches to Thunderbolt Turret for automatic shooting. You can earn extra seconds.
  • Thunder Consecutive Hit: Generates chain lightning to shock nearby fish until the targeting is turned off.
  • Serial Bomb Crab: Creates a large-scale multiple explosion, offering the chance to capture fish within the blast radius.
  • Players can win prizes nonstop when the Immortal Bosses, Golden Toad and Ancient Crocodile, are around.
  • When you defeat certain bosses, you can trigger an Awakening Attack that can lead to big wins.
  • Capture the Chainlong King to activate the wheel. Choose a stopping point to reveal a multiplier, up to 350 times.
  • Unleash a powerful meteorite attack by accumulating wrath points while shooting. This attack gives you the opportunity to win big.

Payout Rates

Common fish in “Royal Fishing” offer a range of payouts from x2 to x55 times the stake. Special fish offer the following payouts:

  • Lobster: x20 – x80 times the stake.
  • Lightning Chain: x60 times the stake.
  • Bomb Crab: x70 times the stake.
  • Golden Toad: x50 – x120 times the stake.
  • Ancient Alligator: x60 – x150 times the stake.
  • Whales: x90 – x150 times the stake.
  • Lucky Dragon: x120 – x200 times the stake.
  • Phoenix Ice: x180 – x300 times the stake.
  • Dragon King Wheel: x135 – x350 times the stake.

Experience “Royal Fishing” at Trusted Online Betting Sites

You can find “Royal Fishing” by Jili on Holabet, a trusted betting site in Singapore. Holabet is known for its dedication to offering a safe and secure gaming experience. This makes it the ideal platform for players to enjoy this outstanding slot game.


If you want an online slot game with a cool theme, awesome graphics, and big prizes, try “Royal Fishing” by Jili. This game is very popular for online betting in Singapore. It has a peaceful fishing theme, attractive visuals, and thrilling features. Experience a peaceful and thrilling world while fishing for valuable rewards in “Royal Fishing”. Register Now!