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RockStar: World Tour – Hold & Win By Betsoft Latest Online Slot Game

by: EdwardB


Betsoft Gaming, a leader in the iGaming industry, has launched a new game called RockStar: World Tour – Hold & Win at HOLABET. This game is a sequel to the original RockStar game and is designed to take players on an exciting journey through the world of rock and roll while giving them the chance to win big. The game has many innovative features and immersive gameplay that are sure to keep online casino Singapore enthusiasts entertained. In this article, we’ll explore the game’s exciting features and what players can expect from it.

Unveiling the RockStar: World Tour – Hold & Win Experience

RockStar: World Tour – Hold & Win is not your typical slot game at HOLABET168. This game stands out with its exciting layout of 6-reels and 5-rows, delivering a new level of thrill to players. This slot game blends the latest slot mechanics with the unmistakable style of a rockstar lifestyle, providing an electrifying experience.

This online slot game in Singapore has a great feature called Hold & Win, which has been enhanced with an exciting multiplier bonus. Players can now win up to 256 times their stake. Betsoft’s high-end graphics and multiple ways to win make this a thrilling gaming experience.

A Milestone for Betsoft: Innovation and Excellence

Betsoft Gaming has achieved another milestone with the release of RockStar: World Tour – Hold & Win at HOLABET168. The company has a reputation for delivering innovative, high-quality digital entertainment, and its Account Management Team Lead, Jonathan Crook, expressed his excitement about the game’s release. He emphasized Betsoft’s commitment to providing players with games they truly enjoy and the success of Betsoft’s Hold & Win titles.

Betsoft caters to a wide audience with a diverse portfolio of games featuring various themes and mechanics. Their games not only offer chances to win but also provide players with memorable experiences, immersing them in the world of rock and roll.


Betsoft’s upcoming release, RockStar: World Tour – Hold & Win, is an online slot game that will be available from January 29th, 2023. It promises to deliver an exciting and thrilling gaming experience to players who love to rock and roll. With this game, players will have the opportunity to unleash their inner rockstar and potentially win big. So, if you are a fan of online slots in Singapore or just looking for an exhilarating gaming experience, tune in, turn up the volume, and get ready for the release of RockStar: World Tour – Hold & Win. Register Now!