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Real Madrid Secures 4-1 Win Over Barcelona to Spanish Super Cup

by: EdwardB


In a breathtaking showdown at the Spanish Super Cup final in Saudi Arabia, Real Madrid 4-1 Barcelona showcased their prowess with a resounding victory. The star of the night was undoubtedly Vinicius Jr, whose first-half hat-trick propelled Real Madrid to the championship, leaving Barcelona in disarray.

Vinicius Jr’s Hat-Trick Decimates Barcelona’s Defense

Vinicius Jr’s extraordinary performance in the first half left Barcelona scrambling to contain the Brazilian sensation. The young forward’s clinical finishing and relentless attacking runs dismantled Barcelona’s defense, leading to a memorable hat-trick. Real Madrid, under the astute management of Carlo Ancelotti, dominated every aspect of the game, strategically exploiting Barcelona’s vulnerabilities.

The turning point came in the 71st minute when Barcelona’s defensive struggles resulted in a red card for Ronald Araujo. The ten men of Barcelona were left to navigate the remainder of the game, but the damage had already been done.

Carlo Ancelotti’s Reflection on the Match

Carlo Ancelotti, speaking to Movistar Plus, expressed his surprise at the swift 3-0 lead, acknowledging the inspired performance of Vinicius Jr. Despite the commanding scoreline, Ancelotti credited Barcelona for putting up a fight, especially at 3-1 when the momentum seemed to shift. The seasoned manager emphasized the difficulty of the match, indicating that the result might have seemed too much for Barcelona’s efforts.

Real Madrid Masterclass and Key Moments

The masterclass from Real Madrid began early in the game, with Jude Bellingham, Rodrygo, and Vinicius Jr creating relentless pressure on Barcelona’s high defensive line. Bellingham’s magnificent assist in the seventh minute set the tone, finding Vinicius Jr, who coolly finished past the Barcelona goalkeeper.

Real Madrid missed an opportunity to extend their lead when Rodrygo’s point-blank strike was brilliantly saved by Inaki Pena. However, they capitalized on another long pass from Dani Carvajal, with Rodrygo setting up Vinicius Jr for his second goal in the 10th minute.

Despite a brief resurgence from Barcelona, marked by a fine Robert Lewandowski strike in the 33rd minute, Vinicius Jr further extended Real Madrid’s lead with a penalty in the 39th minute. Rodrygo sealed the deal with a fourth goal in the 64th minute, securing Real Madrid’s dominance.

Xavi Response and Barcelona Struggles

Barcelona’s manager, Xavi, faced the heat after the match, acknowledging that his team had not shown the required level for a match of this magnitude. Apologizing to the fans, Xavi highlighted Barcelona’s discomfort throughout the game, conceding that Real Madrid exploited their defensive weaknesses on the counter.

The defeat piles more pressure on Xavi, with fans and media questioning the team’s form. Barcelona currently sits fourth in the LaLiga standings, trailing Girona and Real Madrid, intensifying the scrutiny on Xavi’s managerial abilities.


Real Madrid 4-1 Barcelona emphatic victory in the Spanish Super Cup final not only cements their status as a football powerhouse but also raises questions about Barcelona’s current trajectory under Xavi. Vinicius Jr’s stellar performance and Real Madrid’s overall dominance in the match showcase their potential to dominate Spanish football this season. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Barcelona’s response and Xavi’s ability to steer the team back to success.

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