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Prediction | Vasco da Gama vs Fortaleza | Thu, 19 October 2023 – 07:30

by: adminrosa



In the heart of Serie A, where goals find their voice, Vasco da Gama and Fortaleza, in a footballing choice. With 27 goals, Vasco stands proud, a story in each score, Their attacking prowess, a captivating lore.

Fortaleza, a team of might, finding nets 33 times, In every match, a rhythm, like poetic rhymes. In defense, Vasco stands firm, conceding with pride, While Fortaleza’s fortress, where goals tend to hide.

In the realm of Over 2.5, where excitement takes flight, Vasco dances in 35%, their goal-scoring light. Yet Fortaleza, with 42%, paints the sky with glee, In a spectacle of goals, where dreams roam free.

BTTS, a symphony where both teams sing, Vasco and Fortaleza, in every match, they bring. Their success rate, a tale of passion and might, In the vibrant arena of Brazil’s starlit night.

Expected Goals, the oracle of the pitch, Vasco whispers with 1.53, a number rich. Fortaleza’s reply, a melody so sweet, 1.75 xG per match, where opponents meet defeat.

In the tapestry of defense, where strategies entwine, Vasco expects 1.67, a challenge so fine. Fortaleza counters with 1.46, a fortress so grand, In the art of resistance, where they firmly stand.

So here’s to the clash, the battle, the fight, In the Serie A arena, under the stadium’s light. Vasco da Gama and Fortaleza, a saga to behold, In goals and dreams, where football unfolds.


In the pulse of Serie A, Vasco da Gama and Fortaleza collide, Our analysts’ insight, a winning tide. Matchday 27, the stakes are high, Our tip? Trust it, reach for the sky.

Stats dissected, wisdom refined, A prediction true, in every line. Vasco vs Fortaleza, the game unfolds, In our tip, victory holds

Double Chance – X2 @ 1.66