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Prediction | Grêmio vs Athletico PR | Thu, 19 October 2023 – 05:00

by: adminrosa



Prepare for a thrilling Serie A showdown as Grêmio, with their dazzling attack, has struck the back of the net an astounding 42 times in 26 matches, securing their spot as the second-best attacking force this season. Their matches come alive with an average of 1.62 goals per game, promising an exhilarating offensive display.

Athletico PR, the worthy challengers, have displayed their own firepower, netting 38 goals in 26 games, marking them as the league’s fourth-highest scorers with an average of 1.46 goals per match. Their ability to find the goal adds an electrifying element to every game they play.

On the defensive front, Grêmio has encountered challenges, conceding 35 goals at an average of 1.35 per match, placing them 14th in the league’s defensive rankings. In contrast, Athletico PR boasts a resilient defense, allowing only 30 goals in 26 matches, showcasing their prowess with just 1.15 goals conceded per match.

When it comes to high-scoring encounters, Grêmio has been a beacon of excitement, witnessing three or more goals in a staggering 58% of their matches, surpassing the league average of 45%. Athletico PR has showcased their attacking flair in 42% of their matches, making them a formidable force in high-scoring affairs.

In the realm of Both Teams to Score, Grêmio has proven to be a thrilling choice, delivering in 58% of their clashes. Meanwhile, Athletico PR has engaged in goal-laden battles in 54% of their matches, promising a spectacle for fans who enjoy both teams finding the net.

Delving into expected goals (xG), Grêmio’s attacking prowess is underlined by their average of 1.55 xG per match, almost mirroring their actual goals scored. Athletico PR, despite scoring at 1.46 goals per match, boasts an intriguing xG of 1.68, hinting at their untapped potential to exceed expectations.

The defensive narrative adds another layer of excitement. Grêmio, with an xGA of 1.8 per match, faces the challenge of showcasing their defensive prowess. Athletico PR, with an xGA of 1.55, aims to thwart Grêmio’s advances and maintain their resilience.

This clash promises a dazzling display of attacking flair, defensive tenacity, and unexpected twists, making it a must-watch fixture for any soccer enthusiast. Buckle up for a Serie A spectacle that guarantees edge-of-the-seat entertainment!


Get ready for a Serie A spectacle! Grêmio boasts the second-best attack with 42 goals in 26 matches, averaging 1.62 goals per game. Athletico PR, with 38 goals in 26 games, averages 1.46 goals per match, ranking fourth in the league.

Defensively, Grêmio concedes 1.35 goals per match, while Athletico PR allows 1.15 goals, making them the eighth-best defense.

In high-scoring games, Grêmio delivers with 58% of matches featuring three or more goals, while Athletico PR achieves this in 42% of their games.

Both teams regularly score; Grêmio’s BTTS rate is 58%, and Athletico PR’s is 54%.

Analyzing expected goals, Grêmio’s xG is 1.55 per match, and Athletico PR’s is 1.68, indicating their attacking potential.

O/U – U2.5 @ 1.78