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Prediction | Gimnasia La Plata vs Argentinos Juniors | Fri, 20 October 2023 – 02:00

by: adminrosa



Goal Scored

In the thrilling saga of Primera División, Gimnasia La Plata emerges as the tenacious 18th, their goals a symphony of effort. With 30 goals in 35 matches, they carve their mark.

Yet, on the opposite horizon stands Argentinos Juniors, a force to reckon with, their prowess echoing in 43 resounding goals across 35 battles. A clash of styles, a duel of destinies – who shall script the final verse?

Goals Conceded

In the fierce battlegrounds of Primera División, Gimnasia La Plata, like noble guardians, stood strong yet yielded 1.43 times per battle. Their defense, a tale of resilience, but challenges abound.

Meanwhile, Argentinos Juniors, a fortress in the storm, faced only 33 onslaughts, showcasing their defensive artistry. With 0.94 goals conceded, they craft a saga of defensive prowess, guarding their domain fiercely.

% Over 2.5

In the thrilling realm of Over 2.5 markets, Gimnasia La Plata emerges as a contender, triumphing in 40% of its battles this Primera División season. A formidable force, challenging the norm.

Meanwhile, Argentinos Juniors and Gimnasia La Plata, a dynamic duo, defy expectations. The away team dances with Over 2.5 goals in 40% of its clashes, a feat that eclipses the league average of 33%. An intriguing spectacle awaits, promising surprises and exhilarating moments.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

In the pulsating arena of Both Teams to Score, Gimnasia La Plata has crafted a spectacle, painting the canvas with scoring duels in 43% of its battles this Primera División season. A narrative of goals and thrilling moments awaits, sparking anticipation and hope.

Meanwhile, casting a glance at Argentinos Juniors, their story unfolds with both valiant strikes and valiant defenses, intertwining in 37% of their encounters this season. A tapestry of football’s essence, where every match becomes a canvas for unpredictable outcomes

Expected Goals (xG)

In the rich tapestry of Primera División, Gimnasia La Plata emerges as a beacon of attacking brilliance, crafting an average of 1.41 expected goals per match. A saga of potential and promise, where every move on the pitch holds the key to unraveling thrilling outcomes.

As the story unfolds, Argentinos Juniors, with their striking prowess, paints a portrait of 1.68 expected goals per 90’. An alluring prospect for astute bettors, where the visitor’s perspective unveils a canvas of opportunities waiting to be seized

Expected Goals Against (xGA)

In the arena of Primera División, Argentinos Juniors enter the battlefield armed with a formidable 1.2 Expected Goals Against per 90’, a testament to their defensive prowess and strategic brilliance.

Across the field, Gimnasia La Plata stands guard with an expected goal burden of 1.39, a challenge they are determined to conquer. A clash of titans awaits, where the battleground is adorned with uncertainties. Will this encounter defy the season’s norms and weave a tale of defensive mastery, or will the attackers reign supreme, leaving the net quivering in their wake?


Gimnasia La Plata braces itself for an epic showdown against Argentinos Juniors on the hallowed grounds of Primera División. The date is set for the 19th of October at 19:00, a clash that promises to echo through the annals of football history.

Our team of expert analysts has meticulously sifted through the data, leaving no stone unturned. Their verdict is in, and we stand by our prediction for Gimnasia La Plata vs Argentinos Juniors. As the excitement builds for this Matchday 9 spectacle, we extend our hand and offer you a betting tip crafted with utmost confidence.

Join us in this thrilling encounter, slated for the 19th of October at 19:00, as we unveil our prediction for Gimnasia La Plata vs Argentinos Juniors. May fortune favor the bold!

O/U – U2.5 @ 1.62