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Prediction | Borussia Dortmund vs Werder Bremen | Sat, 21 October 2023 – 01:30

by: adminrosa



Goal Scored

Get ready for goal-scoring fireworks in the Bundesliga! Borussia Dortmund, a force to be reckoned with, boasts an impressive average of 2.29 goals per match this season. In the electrifying atmosphere of their home ground, they’ve netted 16 times in just 7 matches, securing their position as the league’s 5th best attacking team.

Meanwhile, Werder Bremen, with their dynamic gameplay, has found the back of the net 12 times in 7 matches, showcasing their prowess as the 9th best attacking team. Brace yourselves for a goal-filled spectacle, where these teams promise an exhilarating display of attacking football!

Goals Conceded

Defense takes center stage in the Bundesliga drama! Borussia Dortmund, displaying their resilience, allowed opponents to score merely 8 times in 7 matches, solidifying their status as the league’s 5th best defense this season.

Meanwhile, Werder Bremen, amidst their battles, faced a tougher challenge, conceding a total of 17 goals in 7 matches. With an average of 2.43 goals per match, they sit as the 14th team in the defensive rankings. Get ready for intense clashes, where these teams aim to protect their turf against the relentless attacks of their rivals!

% Over 2.5

Attention, betting enthusiasts! The Over 2.5 Goals market is sizzling with potential. Borussia Dortmund has been a goal-scoring powerhouse, witnessing 3 or more goals in a staggering 57% of their Bundesliga matches this season, providing a tempting opportunity for high-scoring bets.

But hold on, the excitement doesn’t end there. Werder Bremen is the real game-changer, engaging in thrilling encounters with 3 or more goals in a remarkable 86% of their Bundesliga matches, outshining the league average of 71%. With 6 out of 7 matches promising goal-filled spectacles, this trend offers a tantalizing prospect for bettors seeking action-packed games. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride in the Over 2.5 Goals market!

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Get ready for thrilling goalmouth action! Borussia Dortmund has set the pitch ablaze with 5 out of 7 matches this season featuring Both Teams Scoring, making every game a potential goal fest. Will their trend for high-scoring clashes continue in the next match? The excitement is palpable!

Meanwhile, Werder Bremen, known for their intense gameplay, has both scored and conceded in nearly 4 out of 7 Bundesliga matches this season. Their knack for dramatic 90-minute battles promises yet another match filled with suspense and goals. Brace yourselves for a showdown where both teams are poised to light up the scoreboard!

Expected Goals (xG)

Get ready for an exhilarating clash filled with goal-scoring potential! Borussia Dortmund, known for their 2.29 goals per match, boasts an impressive average of 1.65 expected goals. This signifies a wealth of scoring opportunities for the home team, promising an exciting matchday experience.

On the flip side, Werder Bremen, with their sharp attacking prowess, has an average of 1.17 expected goals per match. Their ability to capitalize on scoring chances makes them a formidable force, as they aim to dismantle the opposition’s defense. Anticipate a match where both teams are primed to seize every opportunity, making for a thrilling spectacle on the field!

Expected Goals Against (xGA)

Get ready for a defensive showdown! The home team, showcasing their defensive prowess, maintains a commendable average of 1.36 expected goals against this season. Their strong backline has been a highlight, and they are determined to prove their resilience on the field.

Meanwhile, the visitors, Werder Bremen, face a crucial task of safeguarding their goal to secure the coveted 3 points. Their season’s average of 1.65 expected goals against emphasizes the need for a nearly flawless defensive performance today. Every effort will be focused on minimizing this number, making this match a battle not just for goals but for defensive mastery! Brace yourselves for a game where both teams strive for defensive excellence!


Get set for an exciting betting experience! While no prediction is foolproof, our confidence is soaring after a meticulous analysis of both teams’ data. We’ve balanced the positives and negatives, crafting a prediction for Borussia Dortmund vs Werder Bremen that we believe holds significant value.

We take pride in offering tips with positive value, indicating a higher likelihood of success than what bookmakers might assume. Without further ado, dive into our exclusive betting tip for this Bundesliga clash on Matchday 8 between Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen. Get ready for a thrilling betting journey!

O/U – U2.5 @ 3.2

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