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Prediction | Bahia vs Internacional | Thu, 19 October 2023 – 07:30

by: adminrosa



In the grand arena where dreams collide and stars adorn the night, behold the saga of Bahia and Internacional, a tale woven in numbers and passion’s light.

Bahia, a symphony of goals, their melody resonates in 1.31 verses per match, the 8th serenade in Serie A’s celestial dance. With 34 goals painted on their canvas, they stand proud, a beacon of attacking might.

On the other side, Internacional, a quieter note, hums at 0.88 goals per match, the 20th refrain in this poetic ballet. With 23 goals etched in their tale, they seek a louder echo, a goal-filled rhapsody to unveil.

Defense, the silent guardian of dreams, Bahia concedes 1.46 goals, a valiant stand in Serie A’s defensive lore. Internacional, a sturdier wall, lets in 1.19 goals, the 10th sentinel on this footballing shore.

In the realm of Over 2.5 dreams, Bahia paints the sky in 54% hues, a spectacle of high-scoring delights. Internacional, a star of quieter nights, dances in 38% realms, a testament to strategic fights.

Both Teams to Score, where hearts sing in unity, Bahia’s song echoes in 54% of matches, a chorus of shared destiny. Internacional, a harmonious tale, sings in 46% verses, where goals and dreams align, and the spirit of competition defies.

Expected Goals, the whispers of fate, paint a canvas of opportunities. Bahia’s 1.59 whispers echo, a promise of attacking glee. Internacional, the strategist’s dream, dreams in 1.28 tunes, a symphony of calculated aspirations and betting glee.

In the dance of Expected Goals Against, Internacional seeks to storm Bahia’s gates, armed with 1.56 dreams. Bahia, the fortress in this poetic tale, guards with a shield of 1.52, a testament to defensive glory and football’s eternal tale.

As the sun sets on this lyrical pitch, the question lingers in the night’s sweet air — will Bahia’s dreams find their song, or will Internacional’s strategy sculpt the narrative? In this poetic battle, where every touch is a verse and every goal, a sonnet, the stage awaits for destiny’s grand reveal


Under the starlit canvas, where passion meets the pitch, Bahia and Internacional, in a footballing niche. On the eve of 19th October, as midnight chimes the hour, Serie A’s tale unfurls, a captivating flower.

In the depths of our analysis, where expertise resides, A team of maestros has delved, where intuition guides. Amongst today’s matches, this one gleams bright, Bahia vs Internacional, a clash in the night.

With every statistic weighed, every number spun, Confidence brews, a prediction on the run. Join us as we journey to the heart of the game, Where Bahia and Internacional etch their name.

The clock strikes 00:30, a moment to decide, For those who follow, fortune may reside. Our tip, a compass true, as the match takes flight, In Bahia vs Internacional, may your bets find light.

So here’s to the thrill, the chance, the fate, In the realm of football, where dreams await. Good luck to all who dare to play, In the saga of Bahia vs Internacional, on this October day!

O/U – U2.5 @ 1.77