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Mastering Effective Bullet Strategies in Online Shooting Fish Games

by: EdwardB


Engaging in the thrilling world of online fish tables is a familiar pastime for many gaming fans. With both online and offline platforms available, the key to success in this game lies significantly in the strategic deployment of bullets. At Hola bet, best online fishing game in Singapore, understanding how to utilize bullets effectively can significantly enhance your gameplay and winnings.

Understanding Bullet Point Calculations in Online Shooting Fish

In the realm of online fish tables, each shot fired holds a specific value concerning the targeted fish. It’s crucial to comprehend the scoring rules to maximize your winning potential:

  • Regular fish carry 2 to 10 bullet points, while larger species like big fish or sharks yield 20 and 30 points, respectively.
  • Mermaids possess varying values: pink mermaids range from 2 to 10 points, blue mermaids from 10 to 20, red mermaids from 10 to 30, and the substantial mermaid rewards 50 to 150 bullet points.
  • The formidable Arowana boasts 200 points, occasionally reaching up to 300 in certain game variations.

Strategic Bullet Utilization in Online Shooting Fish Games

  • Precision Shots for Individual Fish

Deploy 2-cent bullets for precision shooting, allowing continuous firing until the targeted fish expires. However, if the fish remains resilient after 3 to 5 shots, it’s prudent to redirect your efforts to avoid excessive losses.

  • Strategic Approach to Schools of Fish

When confronting clusters of 4 to 5 fish, targeting the center using 4-cent bullets can yield 5 cents for each fish successfully hit.

  • Leveraging High-Value Bullets

Investing in pricier bullets (e.g., 7-cent bullets) becomes profitable with substantial capital. The higher cost promises significant returns, with each defeated fish yielding 100 to 200 coins and additional enticing rewards.

Effective Strategies for Maximizing Fish Elimination

  • Employ a Mix of Shooting Techniques

Adopt a balanced approach to shooting speed based on the fish’s proximity. Gradual shooting conserves bullets and guarantees earnings per kill, while rapid firing is suitable for larger, high-value targets, especially in crowded scenarios.

  • Swift Action at Game Initiation

Immediate shooting as soon as the fish appear at the table increases the likelihood of successful kills.

  • Harnessing Ballpoint Shots

Employ the ballpoint shooting technique by ricocheting bullets off walls toward the fish. This method, though more expensive, yields multiple fish eliminations and occasionally eliminates stray bullets, causing additional fish casualties.


Mastering the art of bullet utilization in online shooting fish games becomes more accessible through these strategies. By implementing these expert tips, your gameplay at Holabet official page, the trusted online betting site in Singapore, promises increased winnings. Don’t hesitate any longer—immerse yourself in the thrilling world of online fish table games today! Register now!