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Introducing Oneshot Fishing Game at Holabet: Your Ultimate Fishing Adventure

by: EdwardB


Explore the exciting world of Oneshot Fishing, a fishing game in portrait mode. It is developed by CQ9 gaming and available at Holabet, one of the best online fishing games in Singapore. It’s more than just a game; it’s an exhilarating experience that promises endless excitement and lucrative rewards. Experience the excitement of defeating the powerful Shen-Long Boss and gathering the 7 dragon balls for incredible wealth. Are you up for the challenge?

Unleash Your Inner Angler

The heart of Oneshot Fishing lies in the pursuit of the Shen-Long Boss. Defeat this formidable adversary, and you could earn a whopping 500X your bet. What’s more, the multiplayer feature allows up to four players to compete in the same room, adding a dynamic and social dimension to the game. Armed with upgraded bullets, you can take down the boss with a single shot, vying with fellow players for the grand prize.

The Game Breakdown

Let’s explore deeper into the CQ9 Oneshot Fishing Game:

Oneshot Fishing Game Model

Choose your battlefield wisely with three available room levels:

  • Newbie: Bet ranges from 1-10.
  • Expert: Bet like a pro with a range of 10-100.
  • Master: Aim for the top by betting anywhere from 100-1000.

Oneshot Fishing Game Tutorial

  • AUTO: Shoot automatically, letting your luck guide your way.
  • AIM: Take matters into your own hands and aim at your target. Keep firing until the fish meets its fate.

Game Features

  • Dragon Ball Turtle: Look out for the Dragon Ball Turtle bearing a Dragon Ball on its back. Defeat it and claim one Dragon Ball, along with a 25X-75X bonus.
  • Fortune God: The benevolent Fortune God graces the game, offering players a chance at a 100X-300X bonus.
  • Shenlong: When you gather all 7 Dragon Balls, Shenlong will make a random appearance. Players stand to win a thrilling 50X-500X bonus when they embark on the hunt.
  • Shenlong Jr.: Shenlong Jr.’s appearance is shrouded in mystery, but the legend tells of a tantalizing 30X-300X bonus for the lucky hunters.

Skill Weapon

  • LEVEL 1: Basic bullets with no added skills.
  • LEVEL 2: Freezing Skill – Freeze fish at random.
  • LEVEL 3: Lightning Skill – Electrify fish groups randomly.
  • LEVEL 4: ULTIMATE – Electrify Bullet: Release a deadly beam after each shot. Electrify
  • Cannon: Trigger the Mighty Cannon to obliterate a school of fish.

Paytable for Oneshot Fishing Game: Regular Fish and Gold Fish.

The game’s highest odds are 50X for ordinary fish and a whopping 100X for the elusive golden fish.

Oneshot Fishing Game Big Win

Experience an exciting fishing adventure with Oneshot Fishing Game at Holabet, a trusted online betting site in Singapore. Let’s discover a world of excitement, strategy, and endless opportunities for big wins. Register now and let the games begin!