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Messi’s Battle Against Brazil: The Struggle of Argentina’s Icon

by: EdwardB


Lionel Messi, often hailed as the greatest of all time, faces a unique challenge when confronting Brazil. Despite his exceptional career and recent World Cup triumph, Messi’s battle against Brazil have proven to be a hurdle in an otherwise illustrious journey. This article explores into the historical context, Messi’s record against Brazil, the reasons behind his struggles, and the upcoming clash that might define his legacy against South America’s football giants.

The Historic Rivalry

Brazil and Argentina, two football powerhouses, boast impressive resumes. The intense rivalry spans decades, with both nations claiming numerous titles and engaging in closely contested battles. Argentina’s recent Copa America victory in 2021 added fuel to the fire, leveling up the competition. However, Messi’s individual success against Brazil hasn’t mirrored his overall stellar international record.

Messi’s Record vs Brazil

While Messi’s international achievements are undeniable, his scoring prowess against Brazil hasn’t reached his usual standards. In 13 games, he has managed only five goals, with Argentina holding a relatively balanced record of 6 wins, 6 draws, and 1 loss with Messi in the lineup. A closer look reveals that Messi has never scored against Brazil in South America, neither in home nor away matches, nor in World Cup qualifiers, making it a unique challenge for the Argentine maestro.

Why Messi Struggles

The answer to Messi’s battle against Brazil lies in the exceptional quality of the Selecao. Brazil consistently maintains a high level of talent, with players like Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, and Casemiro creating a formidable defense. Messi’s comments on alleged corruption after the 2019 Copa America semifinals added an extra layer of intensity to the rivalry. The on-field clashes are fueled by both skill and controversy, making encounters with Brazil a daunting task for Messi.

Maracana: A Venue of Triumph and Heartbreak

The iconic Maracana stadium holds mixed emotions for Messi. It witnessed the heartbreak of the 2014 World Cup final loss to Germany, but seven years later, it became the stage for Argentina’s Copa America triumph. As Messi faces Brazil once again at the Maracana, the venue carries the weight of both his greatest achievements and disappointments.

The Current Scenario

Heading into the upcoming clash, both Argentina and Brazil are on track for the 2026 World Cup. Argentina’s perfect streak ended with a recent loss to Uruguay, while Brazil faces a rocky qualification campaign, currently sitting fifth in the standings. The match is crucial for both teams – Argentina aiming to solidify their South American dominance, and Brazil seeking to reassert their identity after recent struggles.

Messi’s Perspective

Despite the setback against Uruguay, Messi remains composed and confident. He acknowledges the difficulty of the qualifiers, emphasizing the need to react and improve. The upcoming challenge at the Maracana against a demanding Brazilian team presents an opportunity for Argentina to bounce back, and Messi’s leadership will once again be pivotal in steering his team towards victory.


As Lionel Messi prepares to face Brazil once more, the narrative of his struggle against South America’s other superpower adds a layer of intrigue to this historic rivalry. Whether he can overcome the challenges, rewrite history, and leave a lasting mark against Brazil remains to be seen. The Maracana awaits, and the world will be watching as Messi attempts to navigate his way through the yellow-shirted obstacle on the path to football greatness.

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