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Discover the Thrills of CQ9’s Lucky Fishing Game

by: EdwardB


Explore the mesmerizing world of Lucky Fishing, a charming online game by Holabet, a trusted online fishing game in Singapore. This game stands out with its vibrant color palette, creating a visually stunning environment that comes alive as you play. The soothing tones of turquoise set the mood for a relaxing yet thrilling gaming session.

Lucky Fishing has an impressive look and a unique gaming system. The game includes different kinds of fish, both small and special. Players have many exciting options for shooting underwater. Let’s unravel the exceptional features that make Lucky Fishing a must-try game.

Gun Power Advantages

Leverage the power of your gun with a unique meter that escalates with your bet limit. The higher your stakes, the more potent your weapon becomes, allowing you to swiftly eliminate fish and claim special powers. There are six different game stats to explore. Each stat has its own unique attributes. These attributes improve your gaming experience. Game Modes: You can start your Lucky Fishing journey by choosing one of three different rooms. Each room has different bet limits and tough fish bosses.

  1. The Legendary Narwhal – Bet Limit: 1-10
  2. Squid of Terror – Stake Limit: 10-100
  3. Silla Monster – Stake Limit: 100-1000

Game Functions

The Target Lock system helps players aim and shoot fish easily, without projectiles getting in the way. The Auto system takes it a step further by allowing you to lock onto a fish and watch as your rifle automatically brings it down, increasing your profitability.

User-Friendly Menu

Navigate the Lucky Fishing game effortlessly with a user-friendly menu offering four key options:

  1. Exit the Game: Seamlessly switch between game rooms.
  2. Game Information: Access details about various in-game features.
  3. Sound On/Off: Tailor your gaming experience by toggling the sound.
  4. Betting History: Track your past bets and winnings within the game.

Payout Rates

Get rewarded for your underwater conquests. We offer enticing payout rates for both normal and special fish, including formidable boss fish.

  • Common Fish Payouts: x2 to x60
  • Special Fish Payouts: Golden Fish (x80 – x200x), 3 Fish Boss (up to x700x), Lightning Silver Dragon (x200)

Lucky Fishing is unique because it pays close attention to small details. Players have a dynamic gaming experience with many strategic choices and high rewards. You can dive into the world of Lucky Fishing at Holabet, the best online betting sites in Singapore. There, you will find a gaming adventure that is unlike any other.