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How to Play Jackpot Fishery by You Lian Gaming

by: EdwardB


Are you prepared to embark on a unique aquatic adventure? Step into the exciting world of “Jackpot Fishery” by You Lian Gaming at Holabet. This thrilling online fishing game offers endless fun and the opportunity to win amazing rewards. 

In this article, we will help you explore the exciting world of the game “Jackpot Fishery.” Whether you’re new or experienced, we’ll give you valuable tips on how to play.” Get ready to dive into an aquatic realm brimming with excitement and winnings.

Introducing Jackpot Fishery

“Jackpot Fishery” is a sensation in the world of online gaming. Developed by You Lian Gaming, this underwater extravaganza is a fishing game Singapore like no other. It combines stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and the allure of massive jackpots. The game’s allure transcends the ordinary, promising an unforgettable experience to all who dare to cast their lines.

Getting Started

Choose Your Platform

To embark on your “Jackpot Fishery” adventure, you first need to ensure you’re playing on a reliable and trusted online betting site Singapore. Holabet, the best online betting site Singapore, offers the ideal launchpad for your gaming journey.

Select Your Stake

Before casting your first line, set your desired stake. This allows you to control the amount you wager on each shot. Keep in mind that higher stakes could lead to bigger rewards.

Aim and Fire

Your objective in “Jackpot Fishery” is to shoot fish with the goal of catching as many as possible. The fish are swimming in various directions and at varying speeds. Take careful aim and fire your shots. Each fish you successfully hit will yield you points, and those points will determine your winnings.

Types of Fish at Jackpot Fishery

In “Jackpot Fishery,” you’ll encounter a wide variety of fish, each with its own point value. Smaller fish will be worth fewer points, while larger and more exotic fish can bring in substantial rewards. Keep an eye out for special, rare fish as they can grant you even greater fortunes.

Special Weapons and Features

“Jackpot Fishery” offers an array of special weapons and features to enhance your chances of success. Look out for:

  • Lightning Chain: Electrify your shots to maximize your chances of hitting multiple fish with a single bullet.
  • Laser Beam: A high-precision laser weapon that guarantees precise shots, enabling you to aim for the biggest prizes.
  • Super Bomb: A powerful explosive device capable of obliterating multiple fish in one detonation.

The Jackpot Round

The most exciting part of “Jackpot Fishery” is, of course, the chance to hit the jackpot. The game features a progressive jackpot that continues to grow until a lucky player claims it. Your stakes and your skill determine your odds of triggering the jackpot round, so keep your eyes on the prize.


“Jackpot Fishery” by You Lian Gaming is a journey into the depths of entertainment and opportunity. To have the best experience, play on Holabet. It’s a trusted online betting site in Singapore. You’ll have unforgettable underwater adventures and thrilling winnings. If you love gaming, you should try this game. It has fun gameplay, amazing graphics, and big prizes.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the enchanting world of “Jackpot Fishery” and let the reels roll and the fish fly. Your next big win could be just a shot away. Register Now!