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Dive into Adventure with Hero Fishing: A CQ9 Review

by: EdwardB


Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in the world of online betting? You can find the Hero Fishing Game at Holabet, a trusted online betting site in Singapore. It’s an exciting fishing machine game made by CQ9. In this thrilling underwater realm, you are the hero, armed with incredible superpowers. Gather energy to unlock powerful Hero Cannons, employ various skill weapons, and take aim with precision. Capture magnificent creatures like the Steel Glove and Thor’s Hammer to reel in rewards of up to 200 times your initial stake. And that’s just the beginning!

Capture the Money Toad King and the Octopus Sea King to unleash your inner hero. You could win prizes up to 1000 times your wager. It’s time to dive into the deep and start a Fullscreen fishing battle where victory awaits the fearless.

At Holabet Hero Fishing Game, you can be one of four unique heroes. Each hero has special attack skills to defeat the Octopus Sea King. Win 1000 times your bet at the best online fishing games Singapore.

Hero Fishing Game Model

Newbie: 1-100

Expert: 10-1K

Royal: 100-1K

Hero Fishing Game Features

Huge Lucky Piggy

Every time the Huge Lucky Piggy is defeated, its organic growth rate increases, leading to larger rewards. As the piggy grows, you have the chance to win anywhere from 10x to a whopping 500x rewards before it departs.

Gemstone Wheel

Defeating the Gemstone Wheel activates a wheel of fortune, offering you the opportunity to win between 50x and 500x rewards. To have a better chance of winning more, your XBonus depends on three factors: the External Score, Internal Multiplier, and Cannon Play Amount.

Fortune Ganesha

After defeating Fortune Ganesha, you can partake in the exciting clap game. By continuously clapping on Fortune Ganesha, you can win rewards ranging from 20x to 600x. This will bring non-stop excitement.

Steel Glove

Upon vanquishing Steel Glove, it becomes an invaluable tool. When you launch it by tapping the screen, you can capture a wide range of fish, securing rewards of up to 150x.

Thor’s Hammer

After you defeat Thor’s Hammer, get ready for a loud strike that lets you catch fish in the pool. This can earn you rewards up to 200 times.

Money Toad King

When Money Toad King launches its attack, you have the opportunity to win between 50x and 200x rewards. Finally, defeating the boss triggers an Awakening Attack, offering a staggering 1000x rewards.

Octopus Sea King

Like Money Toad King, Octopus Sea King offers the opportunity to win between 50x and 200x prizes. It ends with an Awakening Attack that could give you up to 1000x winnings.

Infinite Energy

As you shoot, your energy bar accumulates. Once it’s full, you can launch an all-encompassing attack, granting a generous 100% bonus to every player. When your energy bar exceeds half capacity, you can call on heroes to join the overall assault. If your energy bar fills completely, the system automatically unleashes it after a 60-second countdown. Keep in mind that these benefits reset in the event of leaving the game, disconnecting, or when the session concludes.

Hero Fishing Game Skill Weapon

Awaken Skill

Activate the power to awaken formidable turrets and enhance your capture rate. Each shot comes at the cost of Nx times the play amount, with Nx ranging from 3X to 6X. Fishes below Nx cannot be hit, adding an element of strategy to your gameplay.

Punch Skill

Activate Punch Skill to summon the Hulk’s mighty punches, allowing you to strike multiple fish within range. This power comes at a cost of 15X the play amount per shot.

Aim Fire

Activate locked shooting to target and hit fish continuously.

Auto Fire

Activate automatic shooting to maintain a continuous barrage on the aquatic inhabitants.

Hero Fishing Game Paytable

  • Ordinary Fish Payouts: 2X, 2X, 2X, 3X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, 8X, 9X, 10X
  • Ordinary Fish Payouts: 12x, 15X, 18X, 20X, 30X, 40X
  • Golden Fish Payouts: 60X ~ 120X, 80X ~ 160X, 100X ~ 200X
  • Special Fish Payouts: 10X ~ 500X, 50X ~ 500X, 20X ~ 600X
  • Weapon Fish: Win up to 150X, Win up to 200X
  • Money Toad King: Win up to 1000X
  • Octopus Sea King: Win up to 1000X

Hero Fishing Game Big Win

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