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Goalscorer Betting In Football: Is It Worth the Risk?

by: EdwardB


In the online sports betting Singapore, some markets attract more interest from players than others. The unknown factor along with the potential for high returns often leads enthusiasts to explore alternative betting markets. One such market that remains popular despite its inherent risk is the Goalscorer betting market in football at HOLABET.

Understanding Goalscorer Betting

Goalscorer bets revolve around predicting which specific player will score during a football match. However, these wagers extend beyond merely forecasting a goal they often involve specific circumstances surrounding the scoring event.

  1. Anytime Goalscorer: The basic variant, requiring the predicted player to score at any point during the match.
  2. First Goalscorer: The selected player must be the first to find the back of the net.
  3. Last Goalscorer: The chosen player has to be the last to score.
  4. To Score First or Last: Combines the elements of First and Last Goalscorer, providing flexibility in the bet.
  5. To Score 2 or More Goals: Self-descriptive, with variations like “To Score 3 or More Goals” available at some bookmakers.
  6. To Get a Brace: The player must score exactly two goals, with variations for different goal requirements.
  7. To Score in First/Second/Both Halves: The player must score during specified periods or in both halves.

While these variations add depth to the Goalscorer market, it’s important to note that some are considered niche, and their availability may vary across sportsbooks.

Why Bet on the Goalscorer?

The Goalscorer betting market is not recommended for beginners due to its complexity, requiring extensive statistical analysis and a nuanced understanding of data interpretation.

  1. Attractive odds: Particularly evident in complex market variations, such as predicting the exact number of goals a player will score.
  2. Betting value and bookmaker margins: Due to the niche nature of Goalscorer wagers, bookmakers may allocate less time to pricing them, creating opportunities for savvy punters.
  3. High returns and bet-hedging strategy: A single successful bet out of several can lead to profits, and strategic bet-hedging becomes a valuable tool in mitigating risks.

While the allure of high returns exists, predicting Goalscorer outcomes is no simple task. Unforeseen factors such as player substitutions, weather conditions, or tactical shifts on the field can significantly impact the likelihood of a chosen player scoring.

Goalscorer Betting Tips

Most football prediction tend to steer clear of Goalscorer bets due to their higher risk-reward nature. However, opportunities may arise for those keen on exploring this market.

  1. Extensive research on teams and players: Investigate goal records, scoring streaks, playing styles, and average time spent on the pitch by individual players.
  2. Consideration of team tactics: Understanding a team’s overall tactics can provide insights into the significance of certain players, such as starting strikers.
  3. Utilizing Twitter for pre-match announcements: Many top football teams announce their formations an hour before a match, offering crucial information for bettors.
  4. In-play betting advantages: Anytime Goalscorer wagers can be strategically placed during a match, resembling a safer “To Score in Second Half” bet.
  5. Importance of overall team form and head-to-head statistics: Analyzing these factors provides additional context for predicting individual player performances.


When it comes to football betting Singapore on the Goalscorer betting market, it’s essential to proceed with caution and equipped with knowledge and strategy at HOLABET168. While there’s a potential for high returns, the unpredictable nature of football makes it all the more challenging. To gain insight into the intricate world of Goalscorer bets, it’s crucial to approach the market with a combination of enthusiasm and caution. By conducting thorough research and understanding the nuances of the market, players can unlock the hidden potential of the Goalscorer betting market at the trusted online betting site Singapore. I wish good luck to all the daring players who venture into this exciting online football betting Singapore!