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A Guide to Playing Funky Time by Evolution at Online Casinos

by: EdwardB


Hello to all the casino fans in Singapore! Are you ready to enjoy the exciting world of online casino gaming with a hint of funk? Look no further than Funky Time by Evolution. We’re here to help you understand it in the easiest way possible. So, grab your favorite drink, kick back, and let’s explore the key elements of this lively game together.

Getting Started at Holabet

Before you can jump into the world of Funky Time, you need to find the perfect online casino. Holabet is the place to be, offering Evolution Live Casino Games and, of course, the fantastic Funky Time. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Choose Your Casino: Head over to Holabet or any online casino that offers Evolution Live Casino Games.
  2. Visit the Live Casino Lobby: Once you’re on the platform, head to the Live Casino lobby.
  3. Find Funky Time Live: Inside the Live Casino lobby, you’ll see it – Funky Time Live. Just give it a click, and you’ll be transported to the groovy Evolution studio.

With these simple steps, you’re all set to dive into the world of funky fun.

Let’s Set the Scene at Funky Time

Picture yourself in a studio filled with disco vibes. There’s a mesmerizing disco ball, flashing lights, and the infectious rhythm of funky music. Adding to the excitement is your host, a professional entertainer ready to keep the party going with their dance moves and witty banter.

The Money Wheel: The Heart of the Game

Funky Time is all about the Money Wheel, which features a total of 64 segments. It’s the wheel that decides your fate. As it comes to a stop, a flapper points to the winning segment, creating that thrilling moment of anticipation.

Mastering the User Interface

Understanding the user interface is key to having a blast with Funky Time. The Money Wheel has 64 unique segments, each offering a chance to win or advance in the game. Your main goal is to predict where the wheel will stop after the spin. These are the spots where you can place your bets and try your luck.

Time to Place Your Bets

Now, it’s game time. Place your bets on the spots where you think the Money Wheel will land. Once the betting period ends, the game host sets the wheel spinning. The digital wheel generates random multipliers and assigns them to different segments on the wheel, adding that extra layer of excitement.

Game Conclusion and Winnings at Funky Time

The moment of truth arrives when the wheel stops. If it lands on an instant win segment (like a number 1 or any of the letters P, L, A, Y, F, U, N, K, T, I, M, or E) that you’ve bet on, congrats – you’re a winner! And if a multiplier lands on that segment, your bet gets a fantastic boost.

But what if the wheel stops on a Bonus game segment (like BAR, STAYIN’ ALIVE, DISCO, or VIP DISCO) you’ve wagered on? Well, you’ll be off to the corresponding Bonus game round, and your payout will depend on the multipliers you’ve collected during that Bonus game.

Keep in mind, everyone can watch a Bonus game happening, but it’s the players who’ve bet on the relevant Bonus game spot who can actively join and win.

Once the bonus game concludes, the winnings are handed out, and a fresh round of excitement begins. So, are you ready to dance your way to potential winnings and level up your online casino experience?

Funky Time by Evolution at Holabet is all about having a blast. Put on your dancing shoes, place your bets, and let’s get this funky party started! Register Now!