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Discover the Latest Gaming Marvel from SpadeGaming – Fishing War!

by: EdwardB


Experience the captivating world of Fishing War at Holabet. This extraordinary arcade game by Spade Gaming offers thrilling action and abundant rewards. Get ready to be thrilled in this underwater kingdom filled with terrifying creatures. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating every triumphant win at the best online betting site Singapore.

Fishing War has three exciting levels. Each level gives you big rewards to make your game more fun. Prepare to take down the dragon by simply clicking the fire button, and watch as the riches unfold before your eyes.

Theme & Graphics

Spade Gaming is famous for giving players the best gaming experience. Fishing War shows their dedication. This game is set underwater and has beautiful animations and a variety of sea creatures.

The game has a great color scheme and an easy-to-use command bar. The cannons are powerful. As you immerse yourself in the game, a captivating soundtrack keeps you entertained while you await your wins.

The graphics are very well made, so the gameplay is smooth and you don’t need to download any extra software. Fishing War is perfect for both beginners and experienced players who want a moderate gaming experience.


Before you start your Fishing War adventure, you can pick from three levels: junior, expert, and godlike. The junior level allows bets between 0.01 and 1, while the expert level features stakes ranging from 0.1 to 5.

For the ultimate challenge, the godlike gameplay offers bet levels between 1 and 10. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be transported to an underwater arena, where a variety of sea creatures swim about. Watch for big animals like whales and dragons. They give different amounts of money.

To target and shoot down these creatures, you can easily adjust your stake using the user-friendly -/+ buttons located below your cannons. You can control important functions using the command bar on the sides of the display. This can aim, shoot automatically, fire twice, and use a strong lightning strike.


Fishing War doesn’t feature traditional paylines; instead, it offers a cannon that allows you to land incredible wins. Your goal is to aim and shoot the special fishes to receive your rewards. Keep a lookout for the elusive pirate ghost ship, as it represents the game’s most thrilling feature. Shooting down this unique symbol can lead to high payouts, ranging from 100x to a staggering 888x your stake.


While the base game in fishing game in Singapore is undeniably engaging, the thrill doesn’t stop there. The game boasts various bonus features that will keep you hooked. The game is made more exciting and attractive by special fish characters that give big rewards. Among these extraordinary fish, the dragon king reigns supreme, offering rewards ranging from 10x to 300x your stake.

When the dragon king appears, players collaborate to secure fortunate bonuses. One more special symbol is the firestorm. It makes your cannon shoot rapidly, releasing 30 to 100 bullets.

The firestorm mode ends when all the free bullets are used. A system safeguard guarantees a minimum payout of 30x the stake if the game is interrupted. When players get the thunder hammer symbol, they can win 30x to 100x their bet. The symbol also creates a cool lightning effect that randomly hits fish in the pool. Throughout the gameplay, you may stumble upon the elusive wealth packet, offering rewards of up to 200x your stake.

The game also features a captivating dragon wheel, which can grant up to 300x your bet. Upon obtaining it, a roulette wheel will materialize, offering random, high-value rewards. The game further introduces a formidable dragon that can award between 100x and 488x your stake. After capturing the gold dragon, the pool becomes an explosion zone. It detonates continuously for twice as long to catch fish.

In conclusion, Fishing War features the powerful monkey king and the mysterious pirate ghost ship. You can win exciting rewards, ranging from 100 to 888 times your bet.

Dive into the Excitement of Fishing War at Holabet

Experience an exciting underwater adventure with Fishing War by Spade Gaming. Action and rewards await you. Visit Holabet, the trusted online betting site Singapore, to embark on your Fishing War journey today. Fishing War is a game that will entertain you. Its captivating graphics, engaging gameplay, and thrilling bonuses will keep you coming back. So, click that fire button and set sail on an adventure like no other. Your fortunes await in the depths of the ocean! Register now!