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Exploring 3 Advanced Soccer Betting Strategies to Win Soccer Bets

by: EdwardB


In the world of online soccer betting in Singapore at HOLABET168, many people rely on statistics and conventional wisdom to make decisions. However, seasoned players know that identifying unique opportunities is the key to success. In this article, we will discuss 3 Soccer betting strategies tailored for intermediate players that emphasize creative thinking and unconventional tactics. These strategies may be different from what you’re used to, but they can help you achieve better results.

Creating Successful Soccer Betting Strategies

To improve your soccer betting predictions, it’s important to go beyond the obvious. This means understanding all the available tools and using diverse strategies such as Both Teams to Score (BTTS) or Outright bets alongside traditional 1×2 bets. The key is to think creatively and identify opportunities that others might miss. By doing this, you can increase your chances of success.

Atypical Betting Strategies

1. Corners and Spread Betting

Many soccer players only focus on scores, but they are missing out on the potential goldmine of corner betting. By tracking a team’s corner statistics on a spreadsheet and observing patterns, such as teams with wide attacking formations registering high corner counts, you can add depth to corner spread betting in soccer. This strategy requires some effort, but it can be rewarding.

2. Bookings and Card Betting

We studied how to predict the number of Yellow and Red cards issued during a football game, which is often overlooked in betting markets. Our research revealed that players booking records and the importance of the match have a significant impact on predicting the number of cards. This understanding can help players take advantage of opportunities in small football betting markets.

3. Alternative Betting on Underdogs

Betting on underdogs is often seen as risky, but this section challenges that notion. We examine how odds change in favor of stronger teams and how betting later can give an advantage. We reveal strategies to reduce risks when betting on underdogs. These include using live betting, alternative markets like Double Chance, and prioritizing risk reduction over large returns. By following these strategies, players can feel more confident when navigating the underdog betting landscape.


This guide explores 3 advanced soccer betting strategies that can lead to success beyond traditional methods at HOLABET sports. It encourages players to be creative, think differently, and develop strategies based on their individual preferences and insights. As they gain more experience and understanding, these advanced strategies can help elevate online sports betting in Singapore from a game of chance to a calculated pursuit of value and success. By embracing these techniques, players can increase their chances of achieving their goals in the world of soccer betting in Singapore.